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Here are some of our favorite comments from the audience so far:

“Great show! Great performance!! The actors and actresses did a stellar job making this serious topic so wonderfully entertaining I left the theatre uplifted by the show! Who would have thought! Keep up the great work you are doing, loved the variety of voices!!”(Bob C.)

“Very excited to see again the play… Congratulations!!!!!!” — (Memo T.)

“Went with friends last night to see the play “John Doe the musica

l”. Go check it out at the Lyceum! You’ll have a blast!” (Jeanne S.)

“Saw today’s matinee and loved it! Great story, great music, great singing, great comedic moments… I, too, liked that it was a good story and still clean adult entertainment. 🙂 Good job everyone! I recommend you see it!” (Connie V.)

“My Husband HATES MUSICALS. Yes, with capital letters. Having said that, HE LOVED JOHN DOE!!!!
Go watch it! We are now buying tickets to take the kids.
Witty, Fun, Entertaining, With a Message, Fabulous multi faceted, multi cultured cast. It was phenomenal. I just cannot say enough good things about it.”

Have you seen it yet? Please share your thoughts here.


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